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Juwelenmakers – making jewellery



A meet-and-greet exhibition for jewellers.




Meet potential clients for your product, service or company.


What to expect?


An original concept exhibition organised for everyone who is active as a jeweller. Everyone who offers products and services, meaning designing, manufacturing or producing of jewellery, has the opportunity to present their goods and services. You will be able to learn and share ideas about 3D technology, raw materials, haberdashery, tools, semimanufactures, engravings, setting, designing, …


This meet-and-greet exhibition offers a wide range of ideas to exchange about making and designing jewellery.


What is the concept?


We offer a venue where you can rent a space called a ‘corner’. In this corner you can present yourself, company, services or products to all visitors. The space is limited so you won’t be able to show big collections therefore we would like to ask you to use digital material. Also, we recommend bringing business cards, leaflets, etc. so our visitors have all the information they need.


With this initiative we are creating a concept exhibition that is free of charge for all our visitors.


Because of safety measures we want to stress out that you keep any valuable goods, such as gold and gems, limited. We won’t have to take out any expensive safety insurance if you keep this in mind.

We are able to keep the participation fee relatively low because of the limited surface of the corner. You pay €275 for a corner at the exhibition.


There are a few rooms or studios available if you would like to organise seminars or workshops. You are free to ask for a contribution from the participants (please contact us for details and conditions).


Practical information:


Would you like to join, or organise a workshop/seminar or if you want any further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us!


When: More info later (10am – 6pm)

Where: TNA, Londenstraat 43, 2000 Antwerpen

Participation: contact the organisation, your participation is final once the fee has been paid.

Organisation: Team Jewellery & Creation TNA

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